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Monday, June 5, 2017

Frightened Pose Pack

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Frightened poses / Scared poses / Shocked poses / Storytelling poses / Horror poses / Action poses / Sitting poses / Running poses / Facial expressions poses / Friendship poses / Thriller poses  / Adventure poses

Ryuuki, Chieko, and Tetsuya lost in the middle of forest. Ryuuki found an abandoned building then entered it, he found something scared him to death that made him frightened until fallen onto the floor, screaming. Tetsuya and Chieko ran searching Ryuuki's screaming source from inside building, asked Ryuuki what's going on, Ryuuki didn't answer, with his shivering voice and in the state of shock, he pointed out to the thing in front of him that he found it scary/frightening/disturbing.      


  • There's no height difference. 
  •  a_bs_frightened2 male and female have same running pose. Because the different body rig on fingers between male and female (female has slimmer fingers than male), I made them separate poses.      
  • a_bs_frightened 3 & 4 and a_bs_frightened 5 & 6 are couple poses (which means snap to each other). Both male and female can fit and combine with each other pose.  a_bs_frightened 3 and 5 based on same pose but has different variation on hand position. 4 & 5  and 3 & 6 can be combined together for example. 

Pose Codes: 


DOWNLOAD (Pose List & Pose Codes) 

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