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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ago-kui Couple Pose Set

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"Ago-kui" is a couple trend in Japan. It is done by holding/lifting chin of love partner with eye-contact, as a romantic gesture, one step before kissing session. Usually it is done by guy holding chin of girl, but I did the reverse  >_> The girl "dominates" the guy. And both Sims as model I used, Ryuuki and Chieko, can't stop laughing awkwardly for trying "Ago-Kui" instead of making eye-contact.

Pose List compatible. Including Pose Codes.

Pose Codes:

  • a_bs_agokui1
  • a_bs_agokui2
  • a_bs_agokui3
  • a_bs_agokui4
  • a_bs_agokui5
  • a_bs_agokui6

  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

    Edible American Fried Chicken (Drumstick & Wing)

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    Crispy American-styled fried chicken, drumstick & wing, edible for Sims.

    This food object has script that cloned from dried food from World Adventures EP. Script by: NonaMena
    Just place the food object on table then eat it or eat it straight from Sim's inventory (drag food object into Sim's inventory). 

    Bonus decoration: You can put the edible food objects using OMSP mod on plate CC. *Warning: Sim cannot pick up food from OMSP, make sure it's just for decoration. 

    Category: Appliances > Miscellaneous 
    Hunger fulfilling value: 120
    Price: $4
    Poly counts: 
    Drumstick (178 vertices, 300 faces)
    Wing (286 vertices, 362 faces) 

    This edible food object works in your game without installing NonaMena's script mod, but it has no moodlet.
    If you wish to have moodlet (Tasty Treat / Sumptuous Snack /  Gastronomical Delight / etc) after Sim ate the custom food, install NonaMena's WITHCustomBuff 

    Friday, March 16, 2018

    My First Pet Bowl (Kibbles & Raw)

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    No more ugly looking pet bowl with EA's dry soil pet food texture. 
    These are alternative food for your pet. Kibbles and raw version. 

    2 presets: 
    • 1 non-recolourable stainless steel texture 
    • 2 recolorable channels 
    With geostates: empty bowl, half full, and full food 

    Pet food rexture is not recolorable! If you wish to change the food texture, please purchase pet bowl with other title! 

    Requires Pets EP. 
    Prices: $75
    Poly Counts: 413 vertices, 608 faces 

    *Although I included colourful pet kibbles texture for this CC, this is merely to look good in game, Do not feed your real life pet with colorful pet kibbles using food colouring chemical. 

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018


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    For Child to Elder, Male and Female. 

    1 recolourable channel, 4 presets. With custom thumbnails.

    Known Issues: Because this is accessory, not hair, so the hair will penetrate from headband. Some hairstyles may look suitable with this headband, some hairstyles do not.

    Hair used by the model:  
    Female Adult: Cazy
    Female Child: Newsea
    Male Adult & Child: EA

    Cloned from: 
    • Female Adult: Earring 
    • Male Adult: Earring 
    • Children: Wristband 

    Poly Counts: 400 polys 

    Saturday, March 10, 2018

    Cat Food Packages & Cans

    Packages (1-2kg): 

    Packages (3-7kg): 


    *DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with brands displayed on CC and I'm not cat owner. However, I support grain-free/holistic/natural pet food, while other non grain-free/holistic/natural listed image presets are for variation** Mesh by me of course.
    • Packages (1-2 kg) [10 presets]
    • Packages (3-7 kg) [10 presets]
    • Cans [5 presets]

    No recolourable channels. 
    Images including for Kitten, Adult, and Senior. 
    Base Game Compatible. It's decorative object, no need Pets EP. 

    Category: Decor > Miscellaneous

    • Packages (1-2 kg) : $25
    • Packages (3-7 kg): $32
    • Cans: $10

    Poly Counts: 
    • Packages (1-2 kg) : 146 vertices, 184 faces
    • Packages (3-7 kg): 243 vertices, 320 faces
    • Cans: 150 vertices, 176 faces 

    Image credits: Google Images and credits to the brand.

    Friday, February 2, 2018

    紅包配飾 【Ang pao / hong bao / red envelope / red packet as accessories】

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    一年前我上傳了這個套的紅包配飾CC在POSE分類。 目前,把這個CC移到配飾分類。 鷄年的紅包, 但是仍然可以用的。 這個套的紅包設計是我的現實生活收藏品的。春節快樂!

    孩子 ~ 長者

    用於POSE: 春節POSE包含紅包配飾

    I uploaded this set of ang pao (as accessories CC) one year ago in pose category. Now, I moved this CC set to Accessories category. Year of Rooster ang pao, but still usable. I have this set of ang pao designs in real life as collection. Happy Chinese New Year!

    Children to Elder
    Big size and small size
    Each set has 6 design presets.

    For Pose: Chinese New Year pose with angpao

    Thursday, January 4, 2018

    Ridwan Chandra

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    Full Name: Ridwan Chandra
    Nickname: Ridwan
    Age Group: Young Adult
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Occupation: Class B-movie director

    Energetic, carefree, outgoing guy from Jakarta likes to experience things happening around him. He likes spending times with his Great Dane dog, Doritos [named after his favourite snack], going outside especially places like nature and beach, walking around, and working out in gym. He's laid back person, enjoys life, has great sense of humor, does not think anything too seriously, enjoys being famous around people around him. He also has obsession with high-tech stuff and cars. Although currently he's a director for small title / B class movies in company, he wishes to quit his job then build his own business. His dream job is having his own property business on beach.

    By the way, he's single, ladies. 

    Character's personality 
    Blood type: O
    Temperament: Extroverted, sanguine-phlegmatic

    EA-based personality 
    Traits:  Athletic, Diva, Excitable, Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoor
    Food: Trip-Tip Steak
    Music: Electronica
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Astrological Sign: Gemini


    You need to install sliders and CC listed below to make this Sim shows correctly in your game! 
    This sim is built using MasterController's Slider range/multiplier 3x 

    Cheek Depth Scale, Nose Tweak  by OneEuroMutt
    Jaw Line Width, Eye Stretch, Eye Width, Eyebrows Distance, Nose Tip Height, Middle Upper Lip Width, Upper Lip Corners Width, Upper Lip Height by Ahmad/Bella3lek4
    Chin to neck line  by Heiret
    Iris Size, Septum Width by awT
    Nostril Curve  by OneEuroMutt
    Nostril Rotate  by awT
    Nostrils Depth  by OneEuroMutt
    Overlip Curve by Nysha
    Upper Thin Lower by YsStudio
    Upper Lip Curve  by awT

    Skin: HDW Klavix by -Mallow-
    Hair: Hair Mesh #10 BLUE Lapiz Lazuli
    Eyebrows: Eyebrows collection by Ephemera
    Lips: Natural Lipcolor for Both Genders by Arisuka
    Eyes: eyes for eye-coholics-v1 by Shady

    Default replacement (optional, but recommended) 
    You Are Real Face & Body Detail by buhudain