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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dog Food Packages & Tins

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Packages (1-3kg):
Packages (5-7kg)

Packages (12-15kg)

Mini Fillets & Tins: 

*DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with brands displayed on CC and I'm not dog owner. However, I support grain-free/holistic/natural pet food.

Packages have 3 size version, each has 10 presets. Tin has 10 presets, Mini Fillets has 4 presets.
Images including Puppy, Adult (All Breeds), Large Breed, Small Breed, and Senior.

Base Game Compatible. It's decorative object, no need Pets EP. 

Category: Decor > Miscellaneous


  • Packages (1-3 kg): $25
  • Packages (5-7 kg): $32
  • Packages (12-15 kg): $46
  • Tins: $12
  • Mini Fillets: $5

Poly Counts:
  • Packages (1-3 kg): 146 vertices, 184 faces
  • Packages (5-7 kg): 243 vertices, 320 faces
  • Packages (12-15 kg): 243 vertices, 320 faces
  • Tins: 150 vertices, 176 faces 
  • Mini Fillets: 193 vertices, 244 faces

Image credits: Google Images and credits to the brand.

DOWNLOAD Tins & Mini Fillets

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Axe / Bloody Axe

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Axe as object, 2 presets (Normal and Bloody version), and 1 recolourable channel.

Category: Decor > Miscellaneous

Price: $9

Poly Counts: 169 vertices, 200 faces

Axe / Bloody Axe [Accessory]

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For pose maker, storytelling purpose or any photoshoots needing Sim doing activity holding axe. The position of axe accessory was made perfectly with right hand grip pose.

Axe Accessory, cloned from Male earrings, 2 presets (Normal and Bloody version) and 1 recolourable channel.
For Male and Female, Teen to Elder.

Poly Counts: 169 vertices, 200 faces

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bloody Axe On Head [Accessory]

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Axe accessory, cloned from Male Earrings, enabled for Child to Elder.
2 Presets: Normal Non-Bloody and Bloody version. 1 recolourable channel.

Best use with Bleeding Face Makeup altogether.

Bleeding Face

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Bleeding face make up, under Blush category, for male and female, teen to elder.

Best use with Axe On Head Accessory altogether.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Devil Kazumi's Face Marking

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Under Blush category, enabled for FEMALE only, Teen - Elder.

Warning: Due to the nature of default UV mapping of Sim face distorting makeup, the marking will look distorted, no matter how neat the marking line is. This is the only best marking line I can make without looking horribly distorted.

This facial marking look best on Young Adult. If you use on Teen, Adult, and Elder, the marking will look distorted!

Devil Kazumi's Horn [For Male, Female, Child - Elder]

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Mesh is made by me, not game rip. 

Accessories, cloned from Female hoop earring, enabled for Child to Elder. 1 preset, 1 recolourable channel. 

Poly Counts: 778 vertices, 1,336 faces