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Saturday, July 29, 2017

More Sunblock/Sunscreen Lotion and Spray [4 Botttles & Recolourable]

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4 Bottles, recolourable 2 channels. Presets: English version & Simlish version. Poly count is a bit high to make sure all pattern can be displayed properly without looked stretched. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sunblock / Sunscreen Lotions [Recolourable 2 Channels]

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Don't forget to use sunblock / sunscreen for vacations under harsh sun!

These sunblock/sunscreen lotions are decorative,

Category: Decor > Miscellaneous.


Poly Counts: 
BREEZE: 553 vertices, 186 faces
AVOCAD: 553 vertices, 186 faces

Recolourable 2 channels, 4 presets for each sunblock lotion brand.

Mesh and cover image for sunblock lotions are made by me.


*NEW* ADDED 7-15-2017:


Friday, June 23, 2017

Cross Counter Pose Pack

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Cross counter poses / Fighting poses / Punching poses / Anime poses / Anime fighting poses / Fighting game poses / Action poses / Running poses / Storytelling poses

These 'hitting each other opponent face in the same time' scene might be cliche and happened in every anime & fighting game scene, but due to its dramatic and intense scene, it also looks cool. Hopefully this pose pack is useful for every action storytelling purpose in Sims community.

NOTES: For poses a_bs_crosscounter 3 & 4, due to clipping that might occurred because of different head size & width, use ALT button to adjust the position to avoid clipping between each fist and head.

Pose Codes:

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Frightened Pose Pack

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Frightened poses / Scared poses / Shocked poses / Storytelling poses / Horror poses / Action poses / Sitting poses / Running poses / Facial expressions poses / Friendship poses / Thriller poses  / Adventure poses

Ryuuki, Chieko, and Tetsuya lost in the middle of forest. Ryuuki found an abandoned building then entered it, he found something scared him to death that made him frightened until fallen onto the floor, screaming. Tetsuya and Chieko ran searching Ryuuki's screaming source from inside building, asked Ryuuki what's going on, Ryuuki didn't answer, with his shivering voice and in the state of shock, he pointed out to the thing in front of him that he found it scary/frightening/disturbing.      


  • There's no height difference. 
  •  a_bs_frightened2 male and female have same running pose. Because the different body rig on fingers between male and female (female has slimmer fingers than male), I made them separate poses.      
  • a_bs_frightened 3 & 4 and a_bs_frightened 5 & 6 are couple poses (which means snap to each other). Both male and female can fit and combine with each other pose.  a_bs_frightened 3 and 5 based on same pose but has different variation on hand position. 4 & 5  and 3 & 6 can be combined together for example. 

Pose Codes: 


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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Under My Skin Pose Pack


Avril Lavigne's Under My Skin Poses / Gothic poses / Goth poses / Female poses/ Alternative modeling poses / Leaning poses / Sitting poses / Sitting cross legged poses

Ah...  I miss Avril's old songs. When her songs used to be raw, emotional, real rock, better voice without too high pitched unlike her recent garbage EDM songs... also I miss her style in Under My Skin album.  

I started these poses as my first practice for female poses one year ago then it's abandoned. Recently I cleaned up my old project to upload these abandoned file project. These poses might be as old as early 2000's, but for me these poses are timeless iconic, memorable, unique, and edgy.  Better suited for gothic or alternative female poses. 

Unfortunately I cannot use Avril Sim to model the poses because the Sim was kind of 'broken' in some of its facial sculpt and I had no time to fix it, so I used my Sim Chieko Nakagawa to model the poses. 

NOTE: Some of her sitting poses look a bit awkward if the Sim wearing skirt. I recommend Sim to wear pants if you want to do screenshot. If you look closely at pose a_bs_undermyskin3, you will see Sim's thighs twisted. The twisted cannot be avoided when creating the pose on Sim rig, I recommend to take angle from specific viewpoint without showing her twisted thighs. 

Poses a_bs_undermyskin2 & 4 are snap to wall.  

Pose Codes:


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Monday, May 29, 2017

Ayumi Hamasaki Modeling Pose Pack

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Ayumi Hamasaki
Modeling Pose Pack 
8 Poses List Compatible

I'm actually not a fan of Ayu. Don't care about her celebrity status nor her fame. Around seven years ago I was mass listening to J-Pop music, and her songs caught my attention. I admit her songs are really good. My favorites are M (Above & Beyond Remix), Connected (Ferry Corsten Remix), Is This LOVE?, No Way To Say, Marionette, Moments.   

Some days ago I heard terrible news about Ayu that she was about to lose her hearing in her right ear. And at that time I had just realized she's already deaf in her left ear since 2008!  That news shocked me, because I often listened to her songs around seven to five years ago, and her songs are really stuck in my head even after long time not listening to the songs.  Although I 'm just a music lover and don't care about the singer, I feel sadness and sympathy for her.  What I've seen of her statement and her story on internet, I see her as a overachiever, she's really passionate about music and her career. 

I won’t stop. I won’t make excuses. As a professional, I would like to deliver the best performance for everyone.

"The stage is where I belong. It's the only place I really, truly exist. I don't know anything else." 

I don't know what to say... wish you good luck miss Ayu! Ganbatte! がんばって! 

I made this pose pack to pay homage to her.

Pose Codes: 


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Monday, May 22, 2017

Hide And Seek - Children Pose Pack (21 Poses)

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Children poses / Children activity poses / Fun poses / Playing poses / Storytelling poses / Action poses / Hide and seek poses. 

Because lacking of Sims children activity related poses available on internet, I decided to create this on my own. With this pose, hopefully I could fulfill the lacking content for children. 21 Poses, including: Counting, Searching, Running, Hiding, Finding other child, Gotten found. Yeah, that's a lot. I was having fun at creating this pose pack for children.  I used to play hide and seek in real life when I was a child.. don't know if children nowadays still play physical activities or not.  

Probably there's different version of hide and seek in every country. In my country Indonesia, children who hide, have to run to the home base and place their hand on something at home base then shout "HONG!!" to inform others, as a mark their position is safe and no need to hide.    

NOTE: SOME OF THE POSES ARE NOT SNAP TO OBJECT. The poses are not couple poses. Activate "moveObjects on" cheat and use ALT Button to move the Sim suited on your liking! 

Poses that snap to object: 
  • Poses 1 & 2 (counting) with tree object from Base Game: "Small Black Gum Tree" (just rotate the tree if you fell the Sim on both poses still hasn't snapped to the tree object).
  • Pose 7 (hiding), 15 & 17 (found) leaning on wall. 
  • Pose 14 (finding other) leaning on top of half wall. 
  • Poses 10 (hiding) & 19 (found) leaning on wall. 

Pose Codes: 
  1. 1.  c_bs_hideandseek_counting1
  2. 2. c_bs_hideandseek_counting2
  3. 3. c_bs_hideandseek_searching1
  4. 4. c_bs_hideandseek_searching2
  5. 5. c_bs_hideandseek_running1
  6. 6. c_bs_hideandseek_running2
  7. 7. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding1
  8. 8. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding2
  9. 9. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding3
  10. 10. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding4
  11. 11. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding5
  12. 12. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou1
  13. 13. c_bs_hideandseek_found1
  14. 14. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou2
  15. 15. c_bs_hideandseek_found2
  16. 16. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou3
  17. 17. c_bs_hideandseek_found3
  18. 18. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou4
  19. 19. c_bs_hideandseek_found4
  20. 20. c_bs_hideandseek_found5
  21. 21. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou5

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